Questions For College Coaches

Do you offer tutors for all classes? Do you have priority enrollment for student-athletes? Do you have academic advisors specifically for student-athletes? Do you have a student-athlete academic center? What are the academic requirements for your school? Do your athletes attend summer school? If yes, does your school cover the cost of attendance? What is […]

11 Things To Do To Become A Better Volleyball Player

1) Enjoy the game 2) Embrace improvement every day 3) Learn to be comfortable being uncomfortable. The most improvement happens outside your comfort zone. 4) Love to compete 5) Become good at the game (all skills) 6) Develop an identity (great hitter/passer/defender/etc) 7) Learn the essence of your position. Each position has specific movement patterns. […]

Welcome to Pass Set Hit

“The best passing drill is pass-set-hit. The best setting drill is pass-set-hit. The best hitting drill is pass-set-hit. Anything less than a game situation, unless very well planned, has the possibility of introducing artificial situations, and complete transfer to the game might not occur when drills are constructed in this manner.” — Marv Dunphy